Summer Essentials ft. Naturalium

Hey Everyone, 
Summers are the time to wear fancy clothes and drink chilled items. But, more than that we need to take care of our body as this season can be extremely drying (specially here in Delhi). So, I have collaborated with a brand called – Nutralium, which is under Komplete Kare and putting forward for you the review of three products from the range. The products are 100% natural and no added Parabens, Colorants, Phthalates and Pheroxyethanol. From cleaning, moisturising your skin, the product will keep your skin regimen top notch. They even contribute their profit earned to an NGO – World Vision. They are made in Spain and their tagline is – Body to Eat !!  

So, without any further ado, Let’s jump to the review. 

1) Naturalium Bath and Shower Gel (Peach) – Do you enjoy the feeling where you feel like you are using some real fruit to clean yourself? If Yes, you’ll definitely love this shower gel. It contains the fragrance of Peach which is so refreshing and do not feel sticky or oily on the skin.. which is a Yeah!! It retails for Rs. 499 for 500ml product which is also a thumbs up because you need only very little quantity of it during shower.


2) Naturalium Body Lotion (Raspberry) – Raspberries are anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory in nature and contains high amount of Vitamin E in it which means it is a boon for skin. When I saw that, Natralium has Raspberry Body Lotion, I went for it without a second thought. This retails for Rs. 399 for 370ml of product. The plus point is that the bottle contains a pump. 

3) Naturalium Shampoo (Coconut) – Everyone knows how much coconut is good for hair. It not only moisturises the scalp, reduces dandruff but also renders hair growth. This shampoo smells divine, cleanses hair and also provides conditioning effect which basically means you can skip conditioning post shampoo. It retails for Rs. 399 for 400ml of products. 

You can purchase all the products from here. It is also available on Nykaa, Amazon and Fipkart

That’s it for today’s post. I hope it helped you. Looking forward to catch with you all super soon after I’m done with my exams. You can follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Roposo. 

Till then, Cyaaaaa. 


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